Monday, 29 November 2010

The New Dictator Of Ireland

Barely has the signature ink dried on Ireland's bailout agreement and this unelected tosser aka the EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Olli Rehn has waded in with his orders:
"The EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Olli Rehn, has said that it would not be advisable for any new government in Ireland to attempt to renegotiate either the interest rate on the EU/IMF loan or the use of the National Pension Reserve Fund in repairing the banking sector."
It won't be advisable to any new Government which has an elected mandate? So if the majority of the Irish vote to default, then tough? Why not do away with elections altogether then Mr Rehn?
In an interview with RTÉ News, Commissioner Rehn said it did not want to involve himself in democratic politics in Ireland.
Of course not, democratic politics is an alien concept to you, much better to remain above it all, directing operations but out of the grasp of accountability.
He said he 'fully understood' the frustration and anger of the Irish people about the banking sector, which he said had made big mistakes in the past.
Ahhh 'fully understood'? How sympathetic, however...
'...we have to move on and the essential thing is to complete the repair, implying both the restructuring and downsizing of the banking system,' he said.
In other words, the people, their jobs, their lives, their concerns are irrelevant.

Mr Rehn said he did not see any tensions or reservations in other member states approving the loan. 'I trust there is the same sense of responsibility and solidarity both for Ireland and Europe as a whole,' he stated.
Not from where I'm standing there isn't. If Mr Rehn comes anywhere near this country with such statements then he's going to promptly receive an oversized, ticking, Jiffy bag with the letters ACME stamped on it.


  1. A great fisking BF.

    Before the Irish caved in we said that the EU would control Irelands economics and its politics. The EU denied it.

    Right here we have an unelected goon doing both.

    If Ireland does not make its own decisions they have no need of a parliament.

    There's some substantial savings for you, and it would give Brussels absolute control.

    Only the Irish people can avoid this by rebelling against the senseless beast.

    But will they?


  2. Thanks CR, The Irish seem (rightly) very upset, I don't think the bail-out is over yet, either politically or on the streets.