Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Information Is Power

One of the arguments against EU-sceptics is that no-one cares. Having campaigned on the doorstep this is manifestly untrue. Every single issue I encountered had an EU element to it, particularly immigration. The problem is that the media refuse to largely acknowledge this and as a consequence voters in general seem unaware of the bigger picture. Further proof of this comes via Witterings from Witney:
As an example of this it has been brought to my attention in an internal email that Gerard Batten was offered an interview on the subject of 'Votes for Prisoners' - but was requested not to mention any EU 'element'.
Why not? What are they scared of? The only conclusion to make is, as I tweeted here to pro-EU supporter Nosemonkey, more knowledge means a quicker exit:


  1. Christ TBF, I knew you were on the ball but that was bloody quick!

    Ta for link, BTW

  2. I'm known for my speed WfW...hmm perhaps I should phrase that differently?