Sunday, 28 November 2010

Statements Of The Bleeding Obvious

Sure Wikileaks' release of secret documents is embarrassing for America diplomatically but are any of the details (so far) not what we'd already guessed at?
  • US diplomats spy on people?

  • America doesn't like Kim Jong-ill of North Korea very much.

  • Shock horror French President Nicholas Sarkozy is "thin skinned" (and short).

  • There are concerns about Iran's nuclear programme. And the other countries in the middle east are nervous. Really?

  • Cameron is a 'lightweight'.

  • Gordon Brown is 'deranged' (I wondered why he lost the election).

  • The Afghan government is corrupt (that allegation shocked me the most I have to say).

  • There are links between the Russian government and the Russian mafia. Blimey next the USA will be telling us that the Russian tea making capabilities are lethal.

  • The UK armed forces lost in Iraq and is losing in Afghanistan. Yep we already know.

  • Inappropriate remarks by a member of the British Royal family about a UK law enforcement agency and a foreign country. Inappropriate remarks? By a member of the Royal Family? Nope I can't think of a suspect either.

  • The Chinese hack stuff.

  • 'Saint O'bama' doesn't like the UK.
...and so on.


  1. Breaking of this tad like the Royal Wedding - *Yawns*

  2. @WfW...and will dominate the news in the same way. Good day(s) to bury 'other' bad news.

  3. My thoughts exactly.

    Do you think this was "leaked" to distract from "something else"?

  4. @brochloon, the leak appears to be of the usual disgruntled whistle-blower type, so I don't think there's anything deliberate in the timing. But the opportunity will certainly be used as cover for other things.