Thursday, 11 November 2010

Van Rompuy Approves Of Cameron's Euroscepticism

Which tells you all you need to know, as that 'Berlin speech' saga rumbles on:

Clarifying the remarks, a spokesman for Mr Van Rompuy, stressed that he was not talking about Mr Cameron's brand of Euroscepticism but about those people who want to leave the EU.

"It is nothing to do with what Mr Cameron thinks. It is a point that Britain or other countries are not able to survive on their own. I am sure Mr Cameron would agree with that," he said.

So what is Van Rompuy scared of?

Mr Van Rompuy and other senior EU officials are concerned about the spread of populist Eurosceptic groups, such as Ukip, beyond Britain to Germany and the Netherlands.

Van Rompuy is concerned about me? How touching. Whoop we've got them on the run chaps. When he speaks of fear it's not ours he's talking about but his own - the fear that the EU will fail.

I'll leave the final word to Farage:

"This man is an overpaid catastrophe who wants to abolish our nation. Nation states will not disappear because they are the expression of peoples' will. The EU is swimming against the tide of history. The number of nation states in the world is increasing all the time."

hattip: Mark Wadsworth

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