Saturday, 6 November 2010

EU Parliament Used As A 'Rest Home'

Liberal Democrat MEP, Graham Watson, who supports the selling out of our armed forces, admits the blindingly obvious:
Watson, who was first elected an MEP in 1994 and is a former leader of the ALDE group, says that in his first 15 years in parliament he had three "major frustrations."

"The first was that the parliament I joined in 1994 was used by political parties mainly as rest home for those who had served careers in national politics or as a first step on the ladder for those who sought them."
Well knock me down with one of them feather things, an EU institution which has a very limited role in EU decision making wasn't taken seriously by those that attended. And he also concedes:
Another frustration, he says, was that a "significant" number of deputies believed it desirable to have a "drawbridge up" Europe.

"This struck me as astonishing testimony to the difficulty of conquering ignorance," he says.
Perhaps Watson can try to expect how he thinks unaccountable institutions are likely to behave any different?


  1. TBF, unlike you not to recognise the blindingly obvious.......

    Watson is a politician, so was born without at least one brain cell!

  2. Enoch Powell famously said that all political careers end in failure. This was actually true when he said it, so that's why they invented the EU!

  3. Sorry WfW sorry :-)

    @Mark Good point, though hopefully EU political careers may yet end in failure as well.