Wednesday, 10 November 2010

How long...

...before, as the students are rioting and are damaging private property at will, will someone put footage on youtube whinging that the Police have over-reacted?


Anarchy is fun, fun, fun. Oh whoops maybe not:

Then unsurprisingly:

Read more here. This protesting nonsense appears to be more intimidating and difficult than first thought. They should think themselves lucky they're not football fans - the police would never have so much patience.


  1. These t**ts probably think that because poor Mr Ian Tomlinson was filmed being fatally injured by some deranged cop in combat gear, we would come over all sympathetic to their anarchic destruction. I don't trust the police as far as I could projectile vomit them, but I actually hate socialists even more.

  2. You've summed it up well jic.

    My experience of the Police has been less than satisfactory, however I have even less sympathy with those that have intent on causing trouble (cover faces etc) then cry foul when the Police react.

    Essentially if you dish it out then accept the consequences.