Thursday, 11 November 2010

Labour MEP Loses Marbles

From Mary Honeyball MEP:
The EU leads the Way on Democracy
In case you misread that (and I don't blame you if you did) I'll quote it again:
The EU leads the Way on Democracy
She ends her post:

The Citizens’ Initiative* is a way forward allowing people not only a say but a concrete means of bringing about change. It’s good for all of us and a real example to our national parliamentarians.

I'm genuinely lost for words.

*I've blogged about the Citizen's Initiative a few times, needless to say that democratic is the last that it is.


  1. The Hairy Moneyball is won't to make these category errors.

    She can't help it poor love

  2. Miss Honeyball - sounds like a character in a James Bond movie. With the concomitant intellect.