Monday, 1 November 2010

Cameron Thinks We're As Stupid As He Is

The Cameron sell out continues:
David Cameron plans for British and French troops to serve in single brigade. Prime minister announces unprecedented military co-operation between London and Paris in future conflicts.

David Cameron will tomorrow outline plans for unprecedented military co-operation between London and Paris that will see British and French troops deployed as a single brigade in future conflicts.

Naturally the cuts have provided cover for the real intentions of our EU-loving Prime Minister

"Working together with France on defence makes good practical sense," a senior government source said . "This is about two sovereign countries working together based on a hard-headed assessment of what is in the British national interest."

The hard-headed assessment being; how much further can we integrate without starting a backbench rebellion:
Anglo-French military co-operation will be controversial for the prime minister because the Tories criticised the St Malo declaration signed by Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac in 1998. But Downing Street says that St Malo was about co-operation under the European security and defence policy, while the treaty is about bilateral co-operation between France and Britain.

Ah, I see it's different. (don't worry Mr Frog this boiling water is different to other boiling water that you used to be in so everything will be ok). Then a cat exits bag moment (my emphasis):

The prime minister will also make clear that Britain and France will stop short of full integration because there will be times when the interests of Paris and London diverge. France strongly opposed the invasion of Iraq.

Stop short? Of full integration? But we were reassured earlier that it was only co-operation. I think I'm going to have to start maintaining a running total to keep up. Next up today is Cameron's European Council statement to the Commons.

Has a British Prime Minster ever given away so much to so few in such a short space of time?


  1. On returning home Mr Cameron implements a new training policy for the British armed forces ! They will now be trained to make a white flag from a Handkerchief, Run the marathon in under 20 minutes and throw their rifles at least 100 yards in the opposite direction to which they are running !

  2. Indeed Morning Star, although Cameron will announce it as 'new and improved' British tactics.