Monday, 22 November 2010

The End?

When the Guardian write articles like this, you know the Euro is in biiiiiig trouble:
The Irish people expected to pay in austerity cuts for their banks' sins have another option. Reject the ECB and IMF, ditch the euro”
And the Aussies have noticed:
EUROPE'S single-currency trial is looking more and more like an error.

AS Europe's money men bail out Ireland to the tune of about E80 billion ($110bn), the next key question concerns the European Union's failing currency: can it survive in its present form?
The simple answer? No
But Ireland's woes threaten not only the euro - the grandest of the EU's grand projects - but the EU itself. The kind of rhetoric normally reserved for hardened Eurosceptics has found its way to the heart of the European mainstream and its seat of power in Brussels,
Good. And the Irish bail-out saga is not quite going to plan either:
The latest is that Ireland's government is on the brink of collapse. The Green party, a junior partner in the current Irish coalition, called for a General Election. The prospect of an election is likely to undo the short-lived stability the markets demonstrated on this morning, we are told.
hattip for Guardian article: Douglas Carswell


  1. Come on Ireland, please show some courage and withdraw from the Euro; in fact, go all the way and withdraw from the EU. If you do, who knows, it might start the process here in the UK.

  2. @JiC That would be great if it happened, sadly I don't think Ireland (particularly the politicians) have the courage to take such drastic steps.

    Such pusillanimous behaviour affects all EU countries unfortunately.