Tuesday 23 November 2010

EU: Democratic Elections Are Irresponsible

Because those pesky voters will get in the way:

EUROPEAN OFFICIALS have warned that any collapse of the Coalition before an EU-IMF rescue deal was struck would be “very irresponsible”.

As the Greens signalled their exit from Government in January and anxiety about contagion risk from Ireland’s crisis weighed on the euro, a source familiar with the position of European negotiators said it was their clear understanding with the Irish authorities that the Government would be able to pass the 2011 budget next month.

Shocking, I mean the voters might get a say on how their Government has acted or on the budget. Of course this is utterly disgraceful. EU commissioner Olli Rehn has also waded in:
It is essential that Ireland will pass the budget in the timeline foreseen and certainly sooner rather than later because every day that is lost increases uncertainty. Let's adopt the budget, let's get it out of the way, and let's move on.
Let's get it out the way? Let's move on? Rather like the Lisbon Treaty? Piss off you unelected tosser.


  1. Every day the Euroscum show their true colours. But I suspect we have some way to go along this road before there is sufficient motive force in individual countries to destroy the entity that is the EU. And to play back to Mr Rehn, the longer it takes to destroy the EU, the worse will be the consequences. But that's not a reason to retain it.

  2. Votes matter only when they confirm the status quo

  3. "Piss off you unelected tosser."

    You don't know how tempted I am to make that my quote of the day... ;)

  4. @jic Indeed you're absolutely right

  5. @GT I never did like Status Quo ;-)

  6. No doubt if the Irish elect the wrong government next time, they'll be told to hold another election.